Garment Factory Data Expedition – Summary

Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper offered their training centre for us to host our first Data Expedition in Cairo yesterday.

The expedition lasted for 3 hours. We started by playing games in order to identify the different skillsets of the participants and introduce them to each other. Then we divided the 12 participants into 2 balanced teams. 

After a quick presentation about the Open Knowledge Foundation, the School of Data and the Data Expeditions. We started to display some infographics from past expeditions, where participants were invited to criticise and comment on.

Each group was asked to come up with local topics that touch base with the main topic of Garment Factories.

Based on their sub-topics, or what we called Readers’ Questions, we started to discuss the possible data sources and graphical forms for representing our final outputs. Throughout this discussion, we also discussed how to choose the best graph for your data, as well as other issues related to data cleansing, data analysis and data sources credibility.

Finally, we agreed to collect and prepare the datasets for our topics throughout this week.

Most of our discussions will take place in a mailing list created specifically for the event. People who couldn’t come to the session are also welcomed to join our discussions. After that, we shall start working on our final articles and visualisations.

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