How Many People Fit Here

Journalists who cover sit-ins and demonstrations in different areas always face the problem of counting the number of participants in those events. Sometimes media outlets overestimate the number of protesters. In addition to that, the supporters of any event sometimes try to exaggerate.

How Many People Fit Here

How many people can fit in Tahrir Square? Raba’a? Giza? Change the area and find out how many people can fit in it.

Mohammad Tayseer (@m_tayseer) created a tool using OpenStreetMap, where users can select a certain area, and find out a ceiling for the number of people who can exist in that area. At the moment, there are 3 main Cairo-based areas there, Tahrir Square, Raba’a and the Etehadia palace surroundings. The tool is called, How Many People Fit Here.

Finally, How Many People Fit Here, is a Free and Open Source Tool and its Source Code is available on Github, so, feel free to participate in its development.

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